Bell Schedule

BJHS Bell Schedule

A and B day Schedule


1 A/B 8:00-9:20

2 A/B 9:25-10:10

3 A/B 10:15-10:55

**LUNCH 10:55-11:30 for 7th and 8th graders

3 A/B 11:35-12:15

***4 A/B 12:20-1:40, for 8th and 9th graders

5 A/B 1:45-3:05

** Lunch for 9th graders and duty teachers, first half, will begin at 10:45 and end at 11:20 (no bell)

*** 4th period for 7th graders with athletics will be 12:20-12:57 for athletics, bell will ring, and students will be dismissed to next class which will be 1:03-1:40.

ANY 9th grade student with a 3A or 3B class conducted at BHS will have lunch with the BHS campus and lunch will be 11:35-12:15

FOR ANY weather related missed day the first returning day will pick up with the same schedule as the missed day.  If missed an “A” day, then first day returning will be an “A” day.  For holidays and “breaks”, school will re-open with the A or B day still in consecutive order.   “A” day then, Holiday/Break, return “B” day and vice versa. 

ANY STUDENT leaving school prior to end of day MUST BE SIGNED OUT by the parent/guardian or “name on file”, as per parent/guardian request. 

ANY STUDENT coming into school after 8:00 MUST sign in through the office and be given an excuse to class, a parent DOES NOT HAVE TO a student in.